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My name is Kingsley Tagbo. I'm an Information Technology Consultant, Author and Career Coach.

For the last decade, I have been discovering, documenting and using some amazing job search strategies that gets you hired easily ... A step-by-step plan that delivers your dream job faster than you realized possible before today.

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1. Real-World, Top Notch Instructional Videos
You sign-up and start watching step-by-step instructional Videos that shows you how to find well paying business analyst, software developer or Information Technology (IT) jobs that match your skills.

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You subscribe to "My Job Search, Resume & Interview Video Training" Course and participate in projects that help you develop a resume that better matches what prospective employers are hiring for.

3. Job Interview Questions and Answers Coaching
Finally, you are trained on how to prepare for technical job interviews and negotiate your job offers and you get hired!

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  • Your resume will instantly stand out and not get trashed or filed away to accumulate dust.

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"Kingsley has helped me to get back in the swing of things. I was doing better with practicing my skills and my job search after I graduated, but I had lost my focus and drive after a while. I now have an action plan.

Kinglsey gave me customized, practical, real-world career information that I have never found anywhere else. I am lucky that I came across his website by accident (I was researching something).

I like that the e-books were affordable and well worth the price. Kinglsey has taught me things that I never learned in graduate school. He has opened up a whole new world for me. Thank you!!!

AnnMarie Caruso
Bronx, NY 

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